BMW E46 M3 2014 Track Setup and Quick Attack Plan

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I will be making it an effort to get a decent amount of track time this spring/summer/fall. Checking out NASA Northeast’s website, I see that there are 4 events that I can reasonably attend. I’ve been on the track three times prior and it is nothing short of a blast. It’s up there – huge adrenaline rushes. It’s an awesome experience. But it is something that I would like to continue with on an ongoing basis, so much so that I would like to add Professional Racecar Driver and Racecar Team Owner to my list of accomplishments.

Anyway, here’s what I recently put in my Vesper App:

photo (2)


Shouldn’t be to complicated to purchase everything in time to get on the track. Biggest thing to install would be those front camber plates – a track necessity.

I don’t plan on doing any other suspension modifications for now. I will as I start to log more time on the track, but for now just tires, lightweight wheels, wheels spacers, wheels studs and camber plates. I think as long as they aren’t R-compounds they’re a great upgrade for a somewhat Novice track driver.

My goal here is to keep mods as simple as possible in order to not worry about making it onto the track or not. If I find it necessary, I can use winter 14/15 to make some major changes.