Could Apple Buy Nike?

In short, yes. Nike’s latest market cap is $67 billion according to MSN Finance. Granted the majority of Apple’s cash is overseas, but the point here is that it is possible. However, the real question is would Apple want to buy Nike. Apple’s obviously moving into the wearables market with their inevitable iWatch release. Something that Nike was probably tipped off about (in more detail) since they cancelled their successful Fuel Band and fired that developmental/engineering team.

Another thing worth pondering about is Tim Cook’s presence on Nike’s Board of Directors, and Tim is always photographed wearing their Fuel Band. I’m thinking that there has to be some behind closed doors future collaboration talks. Not just for apps that Nike claims they’ll be focusing on, but what about sophisticated shoes or shirts with biological sensors. It’s probably more than a stretch at this point to think that far, but wearables are the future and this iWatch will be Apple’s first approach into that market. Here are some random ideas for future Apple/Nike collaboration:

– Shoes that self charge with steps and display fuel band type data on them. Maybe even the ability to charge your iPhone from your shoes.

– Shirts that analyze your posture, sweat and muscle size gain post workout or just over time in general.

– Shirts with solar panels to charge your iPhone on the go or for later use.

– Shirts that display your latest tweets / instagram. Or that display anything (text/photos/videos) you want them to via app – think light-up roadside construction signs.

– Shoes that change shape and friction grip based on terrain.

– Shoes that log your gate info, telling you when your running in the most efficient manner and also tell you when to get a new pair.

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